With plenty of parking, validation, and tons of open tables, they are ready to feed everyone who is hungry for some Cantonese food.

It’s nothing new that DTLA has been coming strong with the food scene. Not just old buildings are being restored to accommodate more living spaces to the DTLA endeavors, but restaurants pop ups has definitely been on the rise. Living in DTLA has also been more convenient with shops and markets that recently opened. One of the things I get asked a lot is “where can I find good Chinese food?”. There’s a lot. Too much to count. But everyone assumes the best Chinese food is located in 626 which I can agree for the most part here in Los Angeles County.

Triple 8 China Bar & Grill¬†opened their doors to DTLA at the LA Live entertainment complex. With plenty of parking, validation, and tons of open tables, they are ready to feed everyone who is hungry for some Cantonese food. Though the decor is beautiful and extravagant, triple 8 really does provide some traditional Cantonese food you will find in SGV. There’s nothing that you can really complain about besides the price, but you have to think about the location you are dining at. I’m sure the square footage of this place is a few more $$$$ than you would find in SGV for $.

The meal was started with a cucumber salad and jellyfish. The cucumber salad was dressed in a sesame soy vinaigrette, salt pepper, and garlic. The jellyfish is marinated in a simple sesame oil and sesame seeds. These are both classic dishes to have. The jellyfish is one of my favorite things to eat. The portions were family sized.

We had a few dim sums which we found out might be discontinued on their menu. But they were tasty and fulfilled our cravings.

The Xiao Long Bao are basically soup dumplings. I like to take a bite at the top to pour in some vinegar and ginger. Take the whole bite after, but be careful because these are hot.

Fish maw is the fishes air bladder. It doesn’t have much flavor so don’t freak out. This soup is a huge Cantonese dish. Served with a side of seasoned vinegar and a dash of white pepper. I’m sure there are benefits to this dish that I never paid attention to. I recommend this if you want to have a classic Cantonese soup.

Delicious and not too gamey. Love the aromatics. I just love lamb coated with cumin and chili. Reminds me of street food. These were extremely tender.

The show stopper. Get ready because these are going fast. This garlic crab was cooked with Butter Crispy Marlin Floss. Super crispy and flavorful. The crunchy garlic goes great over white rice.

Took these into work the next day and totally stunk the whole office up.

Served with Hoisin Sauce, Cucumber and Spring Onions. The skin was very crispy. One of my favorite dishes to get.

I like my wraps with a lot of duck, but you can put less. Put all condiments to your liking, fold, wrap, wrap, fold. Eat. Lick fingers. Repeat.

There you have it. A full course fitted for a family. Though a bit pricey, I would bring my family here because the experience was great and the food is also decent. Friendly and attentive staff to accommodate tea refills with no stink eye. If I lived in DTLA I would come here pretty often.

800 W Olympic Blvd Ste A-120Los Angeles, CA 90015


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